Have you ever wondered of Neil Haboush, the genius that perhaps has managed to design your own sports equipment? If yes, keep reading to find more about him and his work!

Nowadays, good equipment is known for being the one that plays a major role in a game. Either way some of us agree with that or the rest of us share another opinion, one person has managed to think about our needs while playing and has come to a marvelous design for sports equipment. You probably wear one of it at this moment; the name of the genius is Neil Haboush, a Canadian whose experience measured in 20 years of professionalism has come to an end. We truly believe that his past talks for himself, so why don’t we explore it a little bit? Neil Haboush really deserves it!

Since he overseas a team of talented and dedicated sales professionals in the field of developing new and innovative customer service solutions suited for every client’s needs, Neil has managed to get the outcome expected from his hard word. In addition, he founded in 2000 the Level One Data Services, a big step in his career without which he wouldn’t have been able to lead the company’s transition from customer service consulting to customer service software development. Beyond all that, Neil Haboush has always played a major role in the creation of the current business, turning it from a common one to a model for other companies.

His most currently development focuses on designing cutting-edge software, a terrific system that measures the data flows and provides real-time responding, making the customers life a lot easier and faster. Also, it comes with processing tools and file transfer tools, turning the entire development into a revelation to our time.

In case you are thinking how a little boy could manage to develop such a masterpiece, you should know that his path hasn’t been always clean and clear. Neil Haboush managed to establish his first company when most of the students are looking for having fun, at several years after he left from the Concordia University, Canada, in 1982 where he studied and took his Bachelor’s degree in Economics. After several weeks, with five years of sales experience gained throughout the faculty, he founded a women’s sportswear manufacturing company, being nowadays known as one of the biggest enterprises from all over the world. His passion for the business field and sport has led him to an unbreakable progress, turning him from a common graduate on his name Neil Haboush, into what we call today, a full-option man.

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