Social marketing relies on two types of research: qualitative and quantitative.

Quantitative research consists of surveys that offer you concrete data about a certain target on the market. People answer to these questions and it helps you notice what they like most, what they prefer less, to which amount and everything related to their taste. There is given a certain number of answers from which the people can choose, so that it’s easier for you to quantify the results. In this way you will be able to see the differences or the similarities easier.

Social marketing will be influenced by the preferences of the customers, what they like or what they think should be modified. Also, the surveys must be long enough to cover all your interests and offer you as much feedback as possible. It could be a little bit expensive, but you should consider hiring a specialized firm to do it for you.

The second method for social marketing refers to the qualitative research. It refers to personal and face-to-face discussions with the customers. It takes time and many employees that visit particular places and gather information from every people living in that area. The interviews are deeper and the necessities of the customers or potential customers are better known. It can help you understand your audience better and get in a closer touch with their emotions, language and habits. It also offers you feedback about your programs.

There are several social marketing practices that are commonly used. Among them there are the words knowledge, practice, attitudes and beliefs. These surveys are organized by governments or international companies. Ethnographic research is another method of social marketing research that gives you relevant data about the culture of your customers and their mentalities as well.

Before applying any social marketing research method, you have to respect the five steps through which every customer usually passes in order to change his behavior. This process that you have to follow is called pre-testing and monitoring the customer. This social marketing program relates to studying these stages: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and finally confirmation. There is no guarantee that all these five stages apply to every single customer, but they are general to many of them. Pre-testing can provide you with pieces of advice before making decisions and can offer you certain alternatives. Customer satisfaction surveys could also give you relevant details about your income and outcome and profit in general. Combine the social marketing research methods and use your imagination!

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