If you are looking forward to building a successful business, you have to think first of a marketing plan. It represents the fundamental of your high profit and it needs serious work and documentation. You start with a draft and you go on with small adjustments while you get better informed. There are a few steps one must follow in order to create a marketing plan.

1. Find value in your product/services

Start thinking about the utility of your product and try to find out which is the best part of it. You have to present it in a way that brings value to potential customers, and in case there are some things that are missing, try to fill the gaps and replace them.

2. Establish a preliminary strategy

The next step is to develop a strategy. This means establishing a certain budget, certain contacts and customers. Be generous with the time spent in building the strategy and do not hurry up, because every mistake may cost you a lot!

3. Set your goals and targets

Once you developed a preliminary strategy, your interest must turn towards reports related to sales and targets, competitors and every detail that could bring you the clues for a smart strategy. Have a discussion with your co-workers and ask for advice from the adequate professionals. Brainstorming is an efficient method of creativity and can lead you to unexpected but successful ideas for your marketing plan.

4. Put together a lead generation strategy

In order to make sales, you will need to find some sales leads. If you have a store, your main leads will be the people that go by your store and you need to find a way to draw their attention. If you have an online store or a business that covers a larger area, there are some online tools that you can use. For example SalesRipe is a tool that gives you access to over 215 million sales leads, 15 million business leads and over 200 million consumer leads. If you sell through your website, your leads are the site visitors. You can use a wide variety of strategies to increase your site traffic, from SEO to content marketing, social media and much more.

5. Plan your budget

You must also plan a financial budget with detailed explanations for the money spent and every money needed to invest in customers and increased percentage of sales.  At the beginning, you will have to invest a lot from your personal savings, but that is to be expected with every new business. If your budget is very small, consider the cheapest marketing strategies. Be active on social media, register your business in online directors and hire an intern to help you with your marketing strategy.

6. Plan your timeline

You need to set goals and timelines, referring to: customers, orders, costs and profit . Think for small periods of time, but try to fix goals for longer periods as well, depending on your needs. The process must be evaluated from time to time, so set some dates for it.

The marketing plan is almost ready and you only have to create the executive overview. This is like a resume of the financial plan that you have to write with bullet points and short sentences, in one page. Good luck!

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